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A/C Service & Repair

An Automobile A/C systems consist of a Freon gas that acts like a heat exchanger. It's no different from your A/C system that you have in your home. You take a gas and place it in a sealed system. Freon gas comes in several forms and is still the main gas that makes an A/C system work. Your vehicle A/C compressor is the component that pressurizes the gas and causes the circulation of the gas. Freon is pressurized to create a low pressure and a high pressure environment within a sealed system. The high pressure Freon gas is condensed into a “liquid” state which absorbs the heat from inside your vehicle, and is forced through an orifice. As the “hot Freon liquid” is forced through the orifice it vaporizes and becomes extremely cold fast. Automobiles has both a condenser and an evaporator. A condenser removes the heat that was collected by the Freon gas and likewise an evaporator becomes cold. As air circulated over the evaporator, which is cold, it cools the air inside your vehicle keeping it cold. One of the primary causes for failure of A/C system is Freon gas leaks. As a car ages hoses, seals and connectors, which keep your vehicle a/c “sealed”, wear out causing leaks. Most people attempt to repair it by adding Freon gas. This isn’t a repair but actually may possibly cause more damage. When an air conditioning system is low on Freon.

Eagle Transmission Repair &Auto repair shop located in Denton TX. Has the trained certified staff and equipment to keep you” cool in your car” on Texas hot summer days.

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