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Manual Transmisison & Clutch

Eagle Transmission Shop of Denton TX offers complete manual transmission repair and services. When your cars manual transmission starts to makes noise, pops out of gear, and becomes difficult to shift while driving then it may need to a rebuilt. Eagle Transmission Shop of Denton TX has qualified mechanics to tear down, inspect and replace all of the worn parts needed to get your car back on the road.

In a manual transmission gear oil is often an overlook service that is required for the longevity of your vehicles manual transmission. The fact is the gear oil does need to be change out in order to receive the maximum life expectancy from your manual transmission.

The transmission clutch assembly is a vital component of a cars manual transmission in your vehicle.  As the pressure plate or clutch disc begins to wear you will notice that a slippage, which will cause your car’s engine to rev-up. Eagle Transmission of Denton clutch service includes: the replacement of the pressure plate, throw out bearing, and clutch disc. Eagle Transmission also resurface the flywheel for a quality job. We service both front wheel and rear wheel drive vehicles. Eagle Transmission of Denton technicians provide expert clutch replacement service & manual transmission repair.

Clutch Plates

*Some Exclusions apply contact store for details.