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Rebuilt Transmissions

If your car won’t move when placed it in drive or in reverse you may possibly have a transmission failure. Customers often call and ask us for the cost for a transmission repair. Fact is that their vehicle may need a rebuilt transmission.   Transmission repair is not quite the same as a transmission rebuild. Repairing the transmission may typically consists of replacing solenoid shift, external controls, speed senor, pack, etc…  A rebuilt transmission service should consist of:


Complete disassembly transmission

Careful inspection for damaged internal or cracked components

Replacement of internal components which are damaged or not within the factory tolerance

Replacement of the clutches, seals, and gaskets

Transmission valve body disassembled and tested for proper function with possible replacement if required

Degrease all and steam clean of the reusable internal components and transmission case

  Replace the torque converter

Assemble transmission using only quality replacement parts

Reinstall the transmission

Fill the transmission to capacity with required fluid

Road test your vehicle to verify the performance quality

As you can see from the list of steps there is a considerable difference between a transmission repair and a quality rebuilt transmission.  Eagle Transmission of Denton uses only quality parts from the supply source used by many of the transmission manufacturers.

A quality rebuilt Eagle Transmission of Denton provides the best value for money spent. We build transmission to last!!

*Some Exclusions apply contact store for details.